On August 29th, the first face-to-face meeting of FIREMAN was held in Oulu, Finland, organized by the University of Oulu. The project coordinator, Pedro Juliano Nardelli (LUT), introduced all FIREMAN participants and described their role and responsibility in each WP. During the meeting, the main goals and expected outcomes of the project were outlined and issues related to the technical work, management and finance of the FIREMAN project were discussed. The participants mostly focused on the recently-started WP2 and WP3 and engaged in technical discussions related to the project tasks. WP leaders presented the up-to-date progress and detailed the planned contributions for the following months.

The FIREMAN website is up and running! Stay tuned for all the updates related to FIREMAN progress.

The paper "Framework for the Identification of Rare Events via Machine Learning and IoT Networks", related to FIREMAN project activities, was accepted at the 16th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), 27-30 August 2019, in Oulu, Finland, in the context of the special session "IoT in Energy Systems and Industrial Environments".

Learn more: http://iswcs2019.org/special_sessions.html

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